The Northam Controversy Is a Perfect Moment to Reflect on Our History

There is a strange serendipity to having the scandal over Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s past racist behavior break at the start of Black History Month. It serves as a timely reminder of both America’s racial sins and the progress that we’ve made to overcome them. From lynching to the rise and fall and rise of the Klan to legally enforced segregation, slavery was followed by more than a century and a half of second-class citizenship. And even in the decades since the worst aspects of Jim Crow were finally outlawed in the 1960s, the treatment of African Americans has remained unequal.

Tusk's Brexit ‘Hell’ Moment a Touch Provocative, Ireland Says

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday reiterated that the changes she’s seeking to the so-called Irish backstop withdrawal agreement must be legally binding for U.K. lawmakers to approve a deal. The prime minister also said she told Tusk his comments were “unhelpful’’ and had caused “dismay’’ in the U.K. Tusk’s comments captured the “frustration” on the EU side, Coveney said in a Bloomberg Television interview.